immagine stop alla guerra

Ultimatum to Putin and Zelensky: stop the war

European nonviolent pacifists give an ultimatum to the warring parties:– stop the war immediately, declare a ceasefire, allow relief to humanitarian organizations– initiated indefinite negotiations for the settlement of disputes…
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immagine Proposte di attività comuni

Proposals for joint activities

Europe for Peace is a campaign that promotes initiatives against the winds of war that are shaking Europe. The people and organizations that join form co-ordinations by country and by…
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What voices from the scientific community? Interview with: Angelo Baracca

Angelo Baracca, Italian physicist, activist and essayist, engaged in campaigns against wars and for nuclear disarmament. What voices from the scientific community?Could Putin really use nuclear weapons? How has technology changed since Hiroshima and Nagasaki?What real risk do we run that a world conflict will break out?What should be the role of Europe?

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Europe must not support any policies that drag the planet towards catastrophe.