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The Europe for Peace Declaration was drafted in 2007 by members of the humanist movement to promote disarmament and peace through the immense power of non-violence. Internationally, it has been endorsed by Noam Chomsky, Mikhail Gorbachev, Giulietto Chiesa, Dario Fo, Margherita Hack and many organisations have backed the Declaration.
The campaign has spread around the world, and one of its main achievements was to help stop the United States from building a space shield in the Czech Republic, despite the majority of the population being against it.
Now we are committed to stopping the madness of the war in Ukraine between Russia and the US before it explodes into a third world war.

The campaign is open to everyone, and everyone can help develop it in a myriad of different ways, but always with the one goal of peace and the one clear method of active non-violence

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Europe must not support any policies that drag the planet towards catastrophe.