US-German gas trade war: the US trap

Let’s face it: if the price of gas is rising, if families can’t pay their bills, if industries are being forced to close down, if we are living this nightmare…
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immagine guerra o pace?

Ukraine: Let’s give Peace a Chance!

Tensions between the US and the Russian Federation are evolving in a worrying way. Russia is deploying its troops while NATO expansion is threatening an already unstable balance. And Ukraine,…
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What voices from the scientific community? Interview with: Angelo Baracca

Angelo Baracca, Italian physicist, activist and essayist, engaged in campaigns against wars and for nuclear disarmament. What voices from the scientific community?Could Putin really use nuclear weapons? How has technology changed since Hiroshima and Nagasaki?What real risk do we run that a world conflict will break out?What should be the role of Europe?

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Europe must not support any policies that drag the planet towards catastrophe.

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