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Rafael de la Rubia - World without Wars


Rafael de la Rubia
International Coordinator
“World without Wars”

In support of the European Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

In the history of humanity war has always been present. But today we are on the verge of a new escalation that is much more dangerous than the transition from weapons such as spears, arrows and swords to firearms. Today the “evolution” is towards nuclear wars.

We are already mixed up in a new and disguised version of the nuclear arms race promoted by the USA in collusion with several European governments.

Europe should urgently change the direction of its international policy and assume a true role of supporting the development of other continents, dissociating its policy from the belligerent and crazy government of the US that promotes conflicts and spreads devastation all over the world. But European governments are not going to do so, since their hands are tied by the multinationals and have taken on numerous international “commitments". They are also far away from the interests of the people and no longer represent them in this subject.

The vast majority of European citizens do not want nuclear weapons in Europe. Its governments turn a deaf ear to that. How is it possible that Europe allows US nuclear missiles on its territory in the 21st century? How is it possible that the US is still maintaining and extending its military bases in Europe?

A European campaign for nuclear disarmament, coming from civil society, pressing Governments to eliminate nuclear weapons from Europe and the rest of the world is absolutely necessary.

Let us divert the resources wasted in armament to eliminating hunger. 10% would be enough. Could we imagine what would happen if 30% or 50% were diverted?

On this regrettable anniversary of the Iraq war, we are still denouncing the wars of Iraq, Afghanistan and many other countries, from the International Coordination of “World without Wars". We strongly support the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and take this opportunity to invite all of you to the International Forum for Nuclear Disarmament that will take place in Madrid on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of November, 2007.

Let us work today to guarantee a better future and to safeguard the coming generations.

For a world without nuclear weapons, for a world without wars!

Rafael de la Rubia
International Coordinator
“World without Wars”

Rome, March 17, 2007