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About campaign

The idea of carrying out this campaign arose in Lisbon, in the European Humanist Forum of November 2006 in the working group of Peace and Nonviolence. Different organizations participated and different opinions converged very clearly on one issue: violence in the world, the return of the nuclear arms race, the danger of a nuclear catastrophe and the need to urgently change the course of events. The words of Gandhi, M. L. King and Silo resounded in our minds on the importance of having faith in life and on the great force that nonviolence is. We were inspired by these examples.

Today there are numerous movements against war: organizations, scientists, artists and millions of people who are seriously committed to disarmament. However, and this is typical of this historical moment of destructuration, each one is busy in their own area, sometimes in a specific place, with few contacts with other realities and without efficient coordination. The need, therefore, is to find points of convergence and unite all forces in a common direction, keeping those differences which enrich the whole.

We believe that the majority of people disagree with the disastrous decisions which are being taken at an international level, but their dissent is limited to their conscience without expressing itself in the world.

We have looked for answers and asked Giorgio Schultze, President of the European Region of the Humanist International, to write a declaration "for a Europe of peace". The declaration was officially presented in Prague on February 22, 2007 during a conference organized by Humanist movement. The declaration is the fruit of the labor of several people and organizations and tries to synthesize common opinions and concentrate on the issue of nuclear weapons.

This campaign is open to all, and everyone can give their contribution to develop it.