On 2 April let’s turn off wars and light up peace

In Europe, Ukraine, Russia and all over the world, people want peace while governments demand more and more weapons and human resources for war.
We demand the right to health, education, work and a liveable planet, but governments are dragging us into all-out war.

The only chance to avoid the worst lies in the awakening of human beings and the ability of people to organise themselves.

immagine guerra o pace?


Active nonviolence, the only way out of the folly of war

Very often, the word nonviolence conjures up the image of good people who do not harm others and who, in general, prefer to avoid conflict. Nonviolence is associated with a form of passivity, with not being violent, or even with not asserting ones own rights and reasons.

This is far removed from the philosophy and practice of nonviolence.