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Ultimatum to Putin and Zelensky: stop the war

European non-violent pacifists issue an ultimatum to the warring parties:
– stop the war immediately, declare a cease-fire, allow humanitarian organisations to come to the rescue
– start all-out negotiations to resolve the dispute between Russia and Ukraine.

If you do not comply with this unconditional ultimatum by 25 March, we will organise caravans of non-violent pacifists from all over Europe, using all possible means, to travel to the conflict zones, unarmed, to act as peacekeepers among the combatants. These caravans will be identified with a white flag and the flag of peace.

We also demand that the UN accompany us with its peacekeeping forces as it should have done from the beginning of the conflict. We demand that all governments, especially those joining NATO, immediately stop sending weapons to the parties, thus fuelling the conflict.

Europe for Peace Campaign

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