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Ukraine: Let’s give Peace a Chance!

Tensions between the US and the Russian Federation are evolving in a worrying way. Russia is deploying its troops while NATO expansion is threatening an already unstable balance. And Ukraine, already torn apart by civil war, finds itself at the centre of this dangerous vortex.

For its part, Europe is aligning itself with US policy and going against its own interests. Russia is not only important for gas but is an essential market for Europe. True cooperation within a Eurasian region would bring prosperity and great advancement, not only economic. But this is precisely what the United States does not want, and so it fosters divisions in Europe, not only between East and West, but also within the Western countries themselves. The US does not want to accept that the world has become multi-polar and is feeding a Cold War atmosphere.

Europe can play a decisive role, geared towards progress and peace, but it must have a unified and independent foreign policy, as called for in the Europe for Peace declaration.

Today, Europe must make every effort for a diplomatic solution to the conflict by opposing any armed intervention. Russia must withdraw its troops from the border, but NATO’s non-expansion into Ukraine must be guaranteed.

Are European politicians, lost in electoral polls and partisan interests, up to the task that history demands of them? Do they understand the catastrophic consequences of a war between nuclear powers? Do they realise that the future of humanity is at stake here?

And do the Ukrainian people really want a disastrous war on their own territory to serve the interests of a foreign power?

It is time to respond to the clamour coming from the future! It is time for the peoples, the ordinary people, the invisible people, those who do not participate in the negotiations and do not appear on the talk shows, to make their voices heard against war and in favour of peace. It is time to wake up from media hypnosis! It is time to take to the streets, it is time to act! Even small gestures in this direction are important to give ourselves and our children a future, a human future where we will finally laugh at the misfortunes we are forced to live through today.

Let’s reclaim the future.
Let’s give Peace a chance!
Europe for Peace