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MEPs Declaration about the U.S. space shield

On July 9th a hearing about the U.S. space shield took place in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, with interventions of Giorgio Schultze, spokesperson of the campaign “Europe for peace”, Jan Tamas, spokesperson of the campaign against the Space Shield and leader of the protest in Czech Republic and several MEPs.
Here is the declaration read and signed during the meeting. During the next days more signatories will be added and the declaration itself will be brought to the international conference of July 17th in Prague by Luisa Morgantini, Vice-President of the European Parliament.

MEPs Declaration about the U.S. space shield
Nowadays we are facing new challenges mining the development of European integration. Among these, the USA project of installation of the new missile and radar system, respectively in Poland and in the Czech Republic, is by now at an advanced stage.

It's a new tailspin of the arms race which, among others negative effects, stresses the tension between Russia and Europe.

Public opinions in Poland and in the Czech Republic are admittedly against this project. Actually, in the Czech Republic there is a large movement of protest asking for a referendum on this issue.

It can no longer be denied that the USA are putting pressure on two members of the European Union to solve their own problems, ignoring or moving around the European Union itself, weakening its few prerogatives on common foreign policy, and dividing it.

We think that European security is an issue to be discussed by all 27 Members States and not only by two of them with the USA.

We would like to join voices of popular protests to ask the Governments of Prague and Warsaw to review their own positions, suspending any decision waiting for a common European discussion.

First signatories:
Giulietto Chiesa
Roberto Musacchio
Jiri Mastalka
Pasqualina Napoletano
Vittorio Agnoletto
Luisa Morgantini
Giusto Catania
Umberto Guidoni
Andrè Brie
Tobias Pflüger
Richard Falbr
Miroslav Ransdorf