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Hunger strike: the United States of America are actually about to occupy the Czech Republic militarily.

We are writing to you to draw your attention to a grave situation which is developing in the heart of Europe during these days: the United States of America are actually about to occupy the Czech Republic militarily. This does not concern an invasion, or a war, but the installation of military bases as part of the USA’s NMD project – its national missile system – with the agreement of a corrupt puppet government very close to US economic interests.

More than 70% of the Czech population is contrary, and many more are doubtful, but all the opposition has been gagged. By means of agencies lobbying in the interests of the giant arms industries directly involved in the construction of the so-called “ space shield”, the United States government is seeking to control the Czech government, and the means of communications, and sectors of the economic and scientific life of the country. The big campaign they are carrying out to discredit everyone opposed to this military occupation is using everything short of physical violence up to now - fortunately. Billions of dollars are at stake in this issue!

The connivance between these lobbying agencies, and the ODS party, which holds the majority in the government, has been noted in the Czech Republic. The Czech government can only count on a majority thanks to a Green Party, which miraculously reached 6% in the last elections, with its pro-American policies favourable to re-armament which are very different to the policies of other green parties in the world.

On the other hand, the US Congress has not been adequately informed of what is actually happening in the Czech Republic. The majority of Congress members believe that this agreement with the Czech Republic is taking place harmoniously, with the agreement of the majority of the population, with only small protests by some extremist groups.

The United States government can only control political life in the heart of Europe, thanks to the silent acquiescence of Governments in other European countries. This shameful and complicit silence is allowing foreign troops to intervene in Europe against the will of the people, and is assisting in the destruction of Czech Republic’s young democracy. The consequences of all this may well go well beyond what is imaginable at present.

We are expressing our solidarity with friends in the Czech Republic who will begin a hunger strike.

We call upon you to forcefully and decisively support this campaign, and do everything possible to ensure that our government, and the European parliament, take a clear position against this political and military interference, and that they apply all the diplomatic pressure necessary so that this agreement between the USA and the Czech Republic takes place transparently in accord with the actual rules of democracy. We call upon you to support the online petition at, and to apply all possible pressure so that our country opens up a debate on such an important question.

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