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Czech republic :“Our Wallets Against the Radar”. Do not pay for further weapons and wars. Do not buy American products.

The situation surrounding the placement of a foreign military radar base in The Czech Republic (part of the U.S. National Missile Defense) has moved from discussion about arguments to manipulation of information, lies and degradation of any “wrong opinion”. The Czech government continues to negotiate with the US government, without consulting its EU partners, it refuses a referendum even though recent surveys have shown that 68% of the Czech people disagree with the plan.

This situation shows that democracy and freedom are once again sacrificed in the interest of pushing through “the only right opinion” and that the current Czech government is either corrupt or once again manipulated by a foreign power.

The project of a so-called “Anti-Missile Shield”, by which the U.S. administration further escalates international tension and encourages a new round of the arms race, is not a defense, but a strategy of aggression and an attempt to gain superiority and control over natural resources and the world economy. From similar reasons, the reaction of the Russian government is also very aggressive, dangerous and hateful. The whole situation is far too close to the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Several days ago, the U.S. president even talked about World War III.

The plan is simply too dangerous. The majority of people, who do not agree with providing Czech territory for these international power plays, cannot just watch in silence.

The people in the Czech Republic have tried everything -- discussion and delivery of petitions with more than 200,000 signatures, conferences supported by scientists and artists, protests and efforts to communicate with various politicians. Because both governments are utterly ignoring the opinion of the majority of their citizens, we are forced to hit the most important point - the economy.

Therefore we suggest putting pressure on the U.S. government through the American companies: do not buy American products.

We have an amazing tool in our hands, as buyers we are the engine of the economy. Every day we spend hundreds, some of us thousands of crowns. Each time we buy one product or another, we express our opinion and we can use our freedom of choice - we can decide which companies we wish to support and which we do not. We have the choice not to cooperate - not to buy certain brands and in this way not to pay for further weapons and wars. We have a variety of other possibilities.

The suggestion is not launched against the people of the United States of America. It is a form of pressuring the American government to withdraw from their dangerous plan. As soon as the profits of the American companies fall, they will start to pressure their government and call for change.

Non-violent protest has a long history and there are many successful examples. The most significant are the Indian independence movement led by Mahatma Gandhi and the work of M. L. King in The U.S.A. These movements proved that non-violent struggle is a real possibility to pressure even a much stronger enemy to give up. Active non-violence brought India independence and moved black Americans nearer to equality.

Now it is our turn to follow in their footsteps and to show the Czech and American governments the strength of David against Goliath -- the strength of non-violence. Even if only a part of the 68% who oppose the base will do this simple thing, we will send out a clear signal that cannot be ignored.

The future can still be changed.
Jan Tamáš
Dana Feminová