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Letter to european members of parliament

Dear Sir or Madam,
I'm writing to draw your attention to the grave danger that atomic arsenals represent in the present moment. International tensions are great we are not seeing any policy that goes in the direction of resolving conflicts. What's more, new military doctrines seem to wish to abolish the distinction between nuclear weapons and conventional weapons in order to be able to use atomic weapons with less difficulty in the battlefield. Instead of taking steps towards disarmament we are dismayed to observe the project of installing new United States bases in various European countries. It is urgent to reverse the direction of events. We are starting a large European campaign to inform public opinion about this very important issue. We believe that every Government, political party and institution, every cultural, scientific or religious organisation must take a clear position IN FAVOR or AGAINST nuclear weapons. All the inhabitants of Europe have the right to know the opinion of their representatives and their institutions.

We attach the Declaration: "A Europe of Peace, a Europe free of nuclear weapons", that many in Europe have already signed.

We are writing to you, to ask YOUR personal opinion, not that of your political party, and cordially we invite you to define your position with respect to:

1) Should a European country produce or possess nuclear weapons?
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2) Should any European country have nuclear bases?
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3) Do you subscribe to the Declaration: "A Europe of Peace"?
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With warm greetings,

Dana Feminov√°
coordinator of Europe for Peace