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Jeremy Corbyn refuses to support bombing Syria

In a letter to the Parliamentary Labour Party its Leader Jeremy Corbyn says:

“The Prime Minister made a Statement to the House today making the case for a UK bombing campaign against ISIS in Syria. A copy of my response has already been circulated.

“We have all been horrified by the despicable attacks in Paris and are determined to see the defeat of ISIS.

“Our first priority must be the security of Britain and the safety of the British people. The issue now is whether what the Prime Minister is proposing strengthens, or undermines, our national security.

“I do not believe that the Prime Minister today made a convincing case that extending UK bombing to Syria would meet that crucial test. Nor did it satisfactorily answer the questions raised by us and the Foreign Affairs Select Committee.

“In particular, the Prime Minister did not set out a coherent strategy, coordinated through the United Nations, for the defeat of ISIS. Nor has he been able to explain what credible and acceptable ground forces could retake and hold territory freed from ISIS control by an intensified air campaign.

“In my view, the Prime Minister has been unable to explain the contribution of additional UK bombing to a comprehensive negotiated political settlement of the Syrian civil war, or its likely impact on the threat of terrorist attacks in the UK.

“For these and other reasons, I do not believe the Prime Minister’s current proposal for air strikes in Syria will protect our security and therefore cannot support it.

“The Shadow Cabinet met today for an initial discussion and debated the issues extensively. We will meet again on Monday, when we will attempt to reach a common view.

“I will get in touch again when we know the timing of the debate and vote.”

His position has been criticised and supported by some unexpected Media. The Spectator, hardly a rabid left wing publication, wrote:

“In defence of Jeremy Corbyn”: “Naive he may be, but he’s consistent – and at least he’s thinking about the future”

Corbyn’s  proposed strategy to deal with Isis has been largely ignored in spite of being eminently sensible: To follow the money, staving it from its funding which comes from a variety of Western countries, and to stop its access to weapons. Many analysts have already pointed out that bombing it is what Isis wants, because that’s their most powerful recruiting strategy.

At the No More War event at Parliament Square in August. A Creative Commons stock photo. (Image by No More War)