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A Europe free from nuclear weapons

Across the world, scientists and artists, the military and pacifists, women and men, young and old, are saying: war is a disaster!

For many people Europe represents an aspiration, an economic model, a cultural reference, the very idea of well-being and social security. The European Union is growing and still new countries are asking to become a part of it. Europe wants to "promote peace, its values and the wellbeing of its peoples" but this desire clashes against a reality that in recent years has changed rapidly: international terrorism, the war in Iraq, resorting to violence to resolve international, regional and local conflicts, the strategy of preventative war and, above all, a crazy, new nuclear arms race.

The declarations of the United States and France upholding the possibility to use an atomic bomb as a first strike against terrorism, the affirmations of Japan about the possibility of joining the world of atomic weapons for defensive ends, the intention of Iran and North Korea to continue their nuclear programmes, leaves everyone dismayed.

Europe, abdicating its role of global economic and cultural power, fragmented in its national governments and subordinate to the military political strategy of the USA, is accepting the installation of new bases and heightens international tensions.

The people of Europe, however, are saying: let's give peace a chance!

Europe must not support any policy that drags the planet towards catastrophe: the lives of millions of people are at stake here, the very future of humanity is at stake. Nuclear weapons must be dismantled today, before they are used; afterwards will be too late. Let the politicians be on top of the situation or let them step aside!

Europe has the historic opportunity to be a positive and mobilising model for all those countries that are considering regional integration in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Europe has the opportunity to set in motion an international policy to reduce tension and in favour of peace, capable of opening new horizons and the new paths that humanity needs to take. Europe has the chance to put itself at the head of an historic change, in the vanguard of the Universal Human Nation.

We demand that Europe chooses a firm and non-violent policy of peace. We demand the following urgent and irrevocable measures:
  • A Europe without nuclear weapons: to seek the withdrawal, by the United States, of all their nuclear devices that are present in USA-NATO bases and to have them dismantled and the elimination of the French and British nuclear arsenals, as the first steps of beginning the programme of global nuclear disarmament under the supervision of the UN.
  • To declare nuclear weapons illegal in accordance with the judgement of the International Court of Justice in 1996.
  • The cancellation of any agreement to install or expand the military bases of foreign powers on the territory.
  • To withdraw the troops of European countries from occupied territories.
  • The search for diplomatic mediation and dialogue to solve conflicts.

In the streets of the great cities and in their neighbourhoods, in the towns and villages of Europe something new is being born: a soft but powerful symphony that, like a hurricane, stands up against every injustice, every abuse and all violence. No one will be able to silence it because it is the most profound hope of humanity.

Friends from across Europe, let's build a Europe of peace with the strength of non-violence!

Prague, 22.2.2007

Giorgio Schultze