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Students and professors in Albania mobilise to promote nuclear weapon ban

On November 19, 2015 at Aleksandër Moisiu University in Durrës, Albania 100 students of political sciences and law participated in an event organised for the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) to raise awareness of the dangers posed by the continued possession of nuclear weapons by 9 nations in definance of their obligations to disarm.

Marko, a student from Serbia and part of the group Youth for Disarmament participated in the activity and transmitted a message that the Balkans should work together when it comes to major threats which surpass national borders.

Local media from Durrës, Adria TV and the national news channel, News 24 were present to report on the event.

This was followed by a second meeting with students on Friday, November 20th at “Akademia Profesionale e Biznesit” in Tirana.

Before going to the university, the Serbian students Marko, Alexander and Nikola were invited to the morning tv and radio programme “Klubi i mëngjesit” to talk about the initiative to ban nuclear weapons. The meeting at the university was very successful and about 70 students and professors participated.

At the end of the meeting with universities, students and professors signed a petition that will be sent to the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to put pressure for them to sign the Humanitarian Pledge.

This week another meeting with students and professors is scheduled at another university in Tirana. While meetings with parliamentarians and work with the media will follow those with universities.

Text: Suela Lala, Photos: Së bashku Foundation
(Image by Së bashku Foundation)