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Greek Referendum: the possibility to stop being slaves

Foreign debt is the mechanism used to enslave countries and steal their wealth, through some local “supervisors”, let’s call them governors.

In reality, with little energy spent buying, removing and putting in place supervisors, they have controlled the population of the entire planet, treating them like slaves.

To this procedure, they add to the scenario – to make it appear a bit more sophisticated and less brutal – the media at the service of these modern-day slave traffickers, through which they make the people believe that this situation is best for them and that no other possibility exists.

What a simple and perverse game!

These media facilitate, just like in the best moments of a war, that these gentlemen (members of the IMF, ECB and EC) may launch messages trying to play with the people’s fear, even allowing themselves to express how deceived they feel in their hearts by those who are not willing to act as supervisors of their people.

Of course, in the farce that they’ve put on and of which we are victims, it doesn’t fit and on the contrary irritates exceedingly to call for a referendum.

It’s dangerous to ask people questions… they might decide to stop being slaves.

For the cancellation of Greek debt and all debts, contracted – of course – by the bloody hands of merchants in suits and ties!