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Video message from Jan Tamas: Let's expand our protest!

Dear friends,

Many thanks to you all for the total support that you have given us!
The hunger strike and all the other activities have helped to reawaken in a lot of people the taste to fight, and in other friends who have already fought for a long time against wars and for peace it has reawakened the trust and the hope that it is possible to change the state of things.

In the Czech Republic we have had the possibility of expressing ourselves in the media. Today we have the support of parties, organizations and personalities in the world of art, culture and science.
We have also had similar results in other countries. Many well known people who have hesitated to take a stand have started to publicly declare their own dissent against a very dangerous policy that many governments are pursuing at all costs.

But our voices and the voices of million of human beings that are living daily between pain and anguish are not being heard.

Today the Minister of Foreign Affairs has confirmed the visit of Condoleeza Rice at the beginning of July. Condoleeza is not welcome in the Czech Republic! People are not welcome when they bring democracy to the world by shooting people and killing children: a million civilian corpses and that's just the Iraq war!

In our nonviolent struggle we are totally prepared to defend our democracy. We are totally prepared to stop the invasion of a peaceful people like the Czechs.

We ask you once more for help, a help in our struggle, a help in your struggle.

Let's expand our protest. Let's make it reach every nation and every city. Let's make it reach every sensitive person.

We don't have a lot of time to do this. Already once in history some people have had the wickedness to use nuclear arms on a population. We have to stop this from happening again.

Ours is a cry, a cry of someone who feels the pain of a possible tragic future.
But it is also a hope: the hope that this request reaches the heart of everyone, reawakening the most important thing: the desire to live and to fight to make real the conditions in which we want to live: a world of peace and nonviolence.
June 22nd has to be the moment to give new energy to our action, planning for the following weeks new intelligent and powerful activities.

Thanks once again and warm greetings to everyone.

Jan Tamas