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Beppe Grillo


Beppe Grillo, Italy’s most famous comedian, committed in civil battles that involve hundreds of thousands of people, supports Europe for peace and sends this declaration taken from his blog.

Only those who have already proliferated can proliferate.

China, Russia, France, India, Pakistan, Great Britain and the United States have nuclear weapons. Officially. Israel has them. Not quite officially. Let's do a test.
Are there any dictatorships among the nations of the atomic club?
And these dictatorships could they use nuclear weapons to be aggressive?
I think they could, and I don’t think that those who possess atomic weapons have thus the legitimate right to decide who can have them and who cannot. At the most, they can propose that no country has them. I’d be in agreement with this idea.
It seems to me like a funny story that the 5 countries that are permanent members (China, Russia, France, Great Britain and the United States) have decided to refer Iran to the United Nations Security Council for its nuclear programme.

And that they ask Iran to “once more suspend their activity connected with Uranium enrichment”. Instead of that, why don’t they ask China to destroy all its atomic weapons? A few months ago the Chinese General Zhu, in an interview to the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and New York Times declared that a local conflict for Taiwan could be transformed into a nuclear war. But perhaps to enter the atomic club you need good qualities that Iran doesn’t yet have. Like, for example, being a permanent member of the Security Council, or being a super-power or, even better being an ally of the United States.

And it’s right like that, in fact, according to the Nuclear non-proliferation Treaty, only those who have already proliferated can proliferate.

Beppe Grillo