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World Without Wars: Declaration

In the history of humanity war has always been present. This drama is more devastating with every passing day as technological advances allow the violent to produce increasingly destructive objects. Today the nuclear threat has brought humanity to the edge of the abyss.

Wars and military spending negatively impact on people’s economy by soaking up budgets that should go to education, health, culture and improved living conditions. However the influence that the arms industry has over governments and society makes arms-producing countries put pressure to maintain conflicts and so consume, use and test weapons while disguising their lust with theories of inevitability, need or even the stability of their economies with armed conflicts.

At the beginning of the third millennium, conflicts in different fields (economics, ethnicity or religion) far from dwindling are tending to increase. The same happens with terrorism. In its turn, and very connected to the proposed model, violence in civil society is increasing and reaching extremes that were unimaginable years ago. If there is no change of direction, the future will bring increasingly violent confrontations in different fields and in all latitudes.

It has been more than demonstrated that hunger in the world could be resolved with 10% of what is spent on weapons. Can we imagine if 30 or 50% were destined to the improvement of peoples’ lives instead of applying it to destruction?

After centuries of violence, it is difficult to imagine peace. However, why not work in this direction putting an intention in changing the course of history, building a future that is truly peaceful and non-violent? We consider that this is our responsibility as human beings. To define oneself against war has meaning, is ethical, coherent and urgent, given the path that events are taking.

We take on this responsibility freely and we carry it out with all those who reject all forms of violence and bet on coexistence, shared development, real democracy, technology at the service of science and science at the service of the human being and peace. It falls to us to denounce the violent minorities, to isolate them and pressurise them so that they redirect their bellicose policies towards human development.

A world without wars is a world unknown until now on planet Earth. To eliminate wars will represent to definitively leave behind human prehistory and take a giant step on the evolutionary path of our species. A “world without wars” is a proposal that looks towards the future and aspires to materialise in every corner of the planet so that dialogue can substitute violence.

In this aspiration, we are accompanied by the strength of the voices of thousands of previous generations that suffered the consequences, and whose echo continues to be heard today in all places where wars are leaving their sinister trail of deaths, disappeared, disabled people, refugees and displaced people.

The moment has come to listen to the voice of the voiceless, millions of human beings who, through necessity, are asking for an end to war! We can achieve it by uniting all the forces of pacifism and active non-violence.

We therefore invite all individuals, as much as representatives and members of organisations, collectives, groups, political parties or businesses, who subscribe to this declaration and who work in their field, at the same time, to participate in platforms, fronts and forums with the aim of generating a great movement that puts an end to war and all forms of violence.

Let’s work today to guarantee a better future and safe guard future generations.

Because I believe in peace and a more human world!
A world without wars!