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World Peace sign (added photos)

Iraq war anniversary protests:
Thousands formed living symbols of peace and disarmament all over the world

On the fourth anniversary of the outbreak of the war in Iraq, on March 17th, New York, La Paz, Sydney, Rome, Toronto, Mumbai, Bogota, Mexico City, and Nairobi were among the 60 cities in which thousands of people formed gigantic human symbols of peace and disarmament. The manifestations, internationally coordinated by the Humanist Movement, echoed common demands: „Invading troops must be withdrawn. Occupied territories must be returned. Nuclear arsenals must be dismantled.”

Europe saw a particular density of peace symbols. Thousands of people with torches rallied in cities and towns including Rome, Madrid, Paris, Prague, Budapest, Brussels, Zürich, Vienna, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Berlin, Athens and Moscow. The events in Europe also marked the kick-off of the international campaign „Europe for Peace”, which aims to achieve the following goals:
  • A Europe without nuclear weapons: to seek the withdrawal, by the United States, of all their nuclear devices that are present in USA-NATO bases and to have them dismantled and the elimination of the French and British nuclear arsenals, as the first steps of beginning the programme of global nuclear disarmament under the supervision of the UN.
  • To declare nuclear weapons illegal in accordance with the judgement of the International Court of Justice in 1996.
  • The cancellation of any agreement to install or expand the military bases of foreign powers on the territory.
  • To withdraw the troops of European countries from occupied territories.
  • The search for diplomatic mediation and dialogue to solve conflicts.

Photos in full resolution

Here is the complete list of the cities where the symbols will be formed:

1. Argentina Buenos Aires
2. Australia Sydney
3. Australia Hobart
4. Austria Vien
5. Belgio Bruxelles
6. Burkina Faso Ouagadougou
6. Burkina Faso Bobo Dioulasso
8. Canada Kitchener-Waterloo
9. Canada Orillia
10. Canada Toronto
11. Canada Vancouver
12. Colombia Bogotá
13. Colombia Soacha
14. Czech Republic Praga
15. El Salvador San Salvador
16. Finland Helsinki
17. France Longwy
18. France Marseilles
19. France Paris
20. Gambia Brufut
21. Gambia Bakoteh
22. Germany Berlin
23. Germany Munich
24. Germany Düsseldorf
25. Germany Koln
26. Ghana Kasoa
27. Greece Athens
28. Guinea Conakry
29. India Bombay
30. Italy Rome
31. Kenya Nairobi
32. Morocco Agadir
33. Morocco Azrou
35. Mexico Guadalajara
36. Mozambico Maputo
37. Nederlands Amsterdam
38. Nederlands Deventer
39. Portugal Oporto
40. Romania Sibiu
41. Romania Lasi
42. Russia Mosca
43. Russia Vladivostok
44. Senegal Dakar
45. Senegal Thiès
46. Senegal Ziguinchor
47. Senegal Malikar
48. Senegal Ndiadiane
49. Senegal Toubab Diallao
50. Senegal Pikine
51. Slovenia Lubiana
52. Slovak Republic Poprad
53. Slovak Republic Zvolen
54. Spain San Cristóbal de La Laguna
55. Svitzerland Zurigo
56. Hungary Budapest
57. Hungary Eger
58. Hungary Selyp
59. Hungary Kecskemét
60. U.S.A. New York
61. U.S.A. Los Angeles
62. U.S.A. San Rafael
63. U.S.A. Stockton