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MEP G. Chiesa: missile defense has divided Europe

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Conference in the Czech Parliament. 10th November 2008


N. Chomsky: The role of Europe in the present world crisis


Interview of Jan Tamas with prof. Noam Chomsky. "Europe has opportunities. Europeans, will of course have to decide for themselves which course they want to follow. I can only say that I hope they will make use of the very real opportunities that exist to lead the world by example and by action on a path to realize the goals of freedom and justice and respect for rights that are constantly proclaimed, and that we can realize if we choose or we can abandon through error and undermine through error, actions or inaction".


N. Chomsky: so called missile defense is an offensive weapon

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Interview of Jan Tamas with prof. Noam Chomsky. "The struggle to prevent the development of military bases and missile defense systems in Poland and in Czech Republic is of extraordinary significance; in fact it is no exaggeration to say that the fate of the species is at stake in these decisions".


Video Star Wars

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The NMD project of the United States – their national missile defense system, has divided Europe. The reaction of Russia and China has created a “cold war” atmosphere. International tensions are increasing, and the crazy arms race (both conventional and nuclear) has restarted. Above all, the bases are being installed to militarize and control space.


9th June 2007 - Rome. No Prodi, No Bush!

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9th June 2007 - Rome - Demonstration


2nd of October: Day of Nonviolence

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Day of Nonviolence: 2nd of October 2007 all over the world.


David against Goliath

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No to the Bases in the Czech republic


Peace signs through the world

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17th March 2007 - Peace signs through the world


Silo's message about nuclear disarmament

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Silo's message about nuclear disarmament, Peace and the Future.


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