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"For a Europe of peace"

Prague, February 22, 2007
The conference took place in the city library, in an atmosphere of great interest and with the attendance of the young and not so young, as well as the international press.

Speakers were:

Giorgio Schultze, President of the Humanist Regional and expert in renewable energy
Reiner Braun, President of IALANA (association of lawyers against the nuclear)
Jan Keller, university professor and sociologic
Erazim Kohak, university professor
Jan Tamas, spokesperson of Ne zakladnam campaign

Greetings from Dr. Boris Koval of the Russian Academy of Science and, nuclear physics scientist, Prof. Angelo Baracca were read.

The speeches focused on the international situation of nuclear weapons and on present policies tending towards new rearmament. The US Star shield project certainly creates new international tensions and rational reasons for its realization cannot be found. We must be more careful, Reiner stated, to not begin militarizing and nuclearizing space. On one hand, there is a vast weaponry expenditure, funds which could be earmarked for social issues, on the other, the great risk of a nuclear explosion, by accident or choice. There is no other solution than a global, nuclear disarmament, carrying out what is already settled in the NPT agreements.

The position of the Czech Republic regarding the installation of a radar system, inside the US Star shield project, was also discussed. It is a choice which should at least be validated by the population through a referendum and an objective, and not manipulated, information campaign. Installing a new radar system in the Czech Republic makes it the first target in an eventual conflict. Finally, a unified European position on such an important issue, regarding the future of humanity, is necessary. In Europe, today, the Star shield project is not talked about, it is hidden from the European people, but in the immediate future it will be an important theme of discussion and non violent protest..

Schultze, Reiner, Keller and Tamas presented the declaration “for a Europe of Peace”, the starting point of a great European information campaign regarding nuclear disarmament.