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Alfonso Navarra - Leage for unilateral disarmament


I subscribe the call for an Europe without nuclear weapons, which I consider a natural and homogeneous European projection of the campaign “Let’s stop who plays with nuclear fire”, born in Italy based on a call of wise people, first signatory Alex Zanotelli, that I had the honour and burden to coordinate.

This call turns to the whole society, to the world of culture, politics, religion, work, science, to all and everybody, to demand, as first point, the application of the Non Proliferation Treaty, starting with Italy and Europe.

I wish that also the European initiative can gather all associations, movements and people that have been working for many years to reject war, for non-violence and peace. I take the liberty of reminding a consideration from Ghandi about active non-violence, that a recent conversation with Turi Vaccaro recalled to my mind: “When 5% of the involved population is willing to risk and go to prison for a cause, that cause is won”…