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Seoul: congratulations to the Movement in the Czech Republic

Dear friends,

We all congratulate our friends in the Czech Republic for the government of the Czech being fallen largely due to the determined and persistent struggles of the people in the Czech against the US radar base, part of the US missile defense system.

It is truly inspiring to the Korean peace activists as well who have been against the U.S. Star wars system. It is grateful that the activists in the Czech showed us the example of how seemingly difficult task could be solved by our persistent efforts.

We all hope the day of April 5, the friends in the Czech preparing upon the visit of president Obama turns out to be another great event representing the decision of people in the world against the Missile Offense system and NATO. We all send you our warmest wishes and stand with you for solidarity.

There is also growing concern regarding the satellite launch of the North Korea. I, as one of the Korean peace activists emphasize, it is a “Satellite” not “Missile “ as the International mainstream media distort the facts as to influence us. According to an article on March 12.

“United States Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair became the first high-ranking official in the United States to announce that he thought the object North Korea is planning to launch is in fact a satellite”
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v It is a satellite, “Kwangmyung No 2. that would be launched as early on April 4. It is not missile “Daepodong No. 2”. In 1998, it was a satellite, “Kwangmyung No. 1” It was not missile Daepodong No. 1. It is every country’s right to use space for peaceful purpose as practiced by many countries.

The US, Japan have done lots of not only satellite launch but missile launches and their tests. The current right wing government of the South Korea has increasingly blocked the hopes of peaceful reunification of Korea and has drum-beat the war exercise with the U.S. and some U.N. countries against the North Korea from March 9 to March 20. The South Korean government is also considering to join the partnership of the NATO and PSI (Proliferation Security Initiative). The three countries above are within Top 10 regarding the military budget in the world. Why discrimination against the North Korea! Why make the North Korea a scapegoat?!

Still there are disgusting discussion of the possible U.N. security council’s sanction against N. K. upon launch of the satellite(or in their words, missile) As in the Iraq war and against the Iran’s nuclear plant. It has no legal basis. Remember! Any sanctions against so called rogue states have been the pre-steps for war! Remember, Iraq!

There is another disgusting discussion that because the technology of satellite and the long range missile is same that even though it would be satellite, it has to be dealt on the table of the U.N. security council. Quoting an article, “it is like saying a kitchen knife is same with a bayonet” Then all the satellite launched by many countries have to be on the table of the U.N. Security Council?

I hope the peace activists in the world don’t be played out by the mainstream media. Please remember! It is a satellite that the NK is launching on April 4. TOTALLY LEGAL according to Outer Space Treaty in 1967.

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Sung-Hee Choi
Artist and a member of the Korean Organizing Committee

For the International Conference against the Asia Pacific Missile Defense and for the End of Arms Race, Seoul, South Korea
April 16-18, 2009