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Demonstrations in Europe and the world against US radar installations in the Czech Republic

Demonstrations in Europe and the world against US radar installations in the Czech Republic Europe and the world are concerned with choices made by the Czech Republic. For this reason, there were protests and letters of dissent of US policies in the Czech Republic, in the main European capitals, as well as in New York.

In 2002 the US contacted the Czech, Polish and Hungarian governments to carry out their NMD, national defense system. This was Reagan's old dream of a shield able to intercept enemy nuclear missiles. Since it was a US national defense plan and not a European one, it was developped outside NATO.

Ne zakladnam campaign brought this to public attention in the Czech Republic, in August 2006, by exposing this issue which had been kept secret from citizens.After this, the rest of Europe also "discovered" this project and we found out that the USA's plan was much larger: installing new military bases in other European countries such as Bulgaria, Ukraine and Belarus, as well as in Africa and Australia, and enlarging present military bases.

The world is worried of the US "star wars' shield": international tensions will increase and the nuclear arms' race will accelerate.

Europe for Peace campaing is born with the need to avoid a nuclear catastrophe, asking Europe to become an example for all the world with real peace policies. Greece, Iceland, Denmark and Canada have given back nuclear weapons on their territory to the US. There have not been consequences on their NATO participation. The choice of the Czech people to not install the radar would reinforce the choices of these countries and would give an important sign of distension to the world.

Protest actions in front of the Czech Embassies where held in these cities: New York, Budapest, Milan, Rome, Florence, Madrid, Barcellona, Berlin, Munich, Brussel, Athens, Paris, Conakry, Lima, Lama Also from some other countries where sended the protest letters expresing solidarity with the demonstration for Democracy and referendum in Czech Republic: Austria, Portugal, Finland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark.